Our Revolution was formed nationally by those inspired by the campaign of Bernie Sanders to continue the work of progressive change. Our Revolution Twin Cities formed in January 2017 from active committees of OR Minnesota coinciding with its formation in 2016. We are the official Our Revolution Local Group for the geographic area of the Minneapolis–St. Paul metropolitan area. We share the region with other local groups, seeking to cooperatively elect progressive candidates and advocate on issue campaigns beyond electoral politics. In 2018, we joined as a founding member of Progressive International because many of the issues we are fighting for are global in nature. In 2019, we joined a progressive coalition in Bloomington with SEIU and other organizations in the community. We are also a member of the Minneapolis for Better Police Contract coalition.

Our Local Group leans more non-hierarchical, believing the members should have the power to make major decisions such as endorsements. Any member can create a Committee to focus on any aspect of the work towards collective progress. We also believe in grassroots democracy, and that it takes all of us doing the work to both elect political leaders and hold them accountable. Our organization’s leadership and committee chairs must be fairly elected by the membership. Please reference the Member Handbook for complete information on our organization and how you can plugin.

As advocates, we support and promote progressive social change, with a sense of purpose that champions the rights of others, improving humanity and our institutions. We are compelled to transform social issues and empower people to use their voices. We draw meaning from the satisfaction that comes from adding value to society on a large scale and to having large-scale influence in support of the collective common good. We are resilient in the face of resistance and are resourceful while maintaining high levels of integrity and responsibility. We will go the distance to right wrongs for the benefit of others.

As rebels, we are a force representing the voice that’s had enough. We get inspired by a need to bring issues to the front and center. We seek consciousness and conscience. With bold leadership, courage, and power, we challenge convention by questioning the status quo and pushing the envelope. By raising awareness, breaking down outdated modes of thinking and institutions, and combining ideas with action, we seek to overturn the established order in service of a more cooperative, accepting, and free society.

Our Living Platform (http://bit.ly/ortcPlatform) serves as a guide, informing our work towards major changes. This is in addition to the national organization platform.

Other Local Groups in the region include Our Revolution Dakota County, Our Revolution Saint Cloud, and Our Revolution Greater Saint Paul. We seek to work with these Local Groups when our work overlaps. Our membership ultimately determines what our priorities will be and who we endorse.


You can see our current and past endorsements along with all endorsement forms at http://ourrevolutiontc.org/endorsements The requirements to endorse a candidate for government office since our founding is the following:

  1. A public questionnaire to all will be made available for candidates to complete and submit to the Endorsements Committee for consideration.
  2.  Members must be provided with the candidate questionnaire responses or informed of the lack thereof. The candidate responses are posted on social media and the endorsement discussion groups as well as endorsement vote notices.
  3. Any Our Revolution member in good standing, including the ORTC Board, may recommend a candidate for endorsement. The nomination for is endorsement is the only requirement. It is, however, separate from the Endorsements Committee recommendation and the endorsement vote.
  4. Candidates who are recommended for endorsement by the Endorsements Committee will be informed of any open discussion forums we hold prior to the endorsement vote.
  5. Members will vote on whether to endorse a candidate by ranked-choice or an equivalent rating system that allows for no endorsement via a secure online vote. Only Our Revolution Twin Cities members who have attended two previous ORTC actions and/or donated twice, along with previously endorsed candidates, will have voting privileges.
  6. A candidate who then attains 60% support of the membership is endorsed. Members may decide to endorse or rank more than one candidate per race, on a case-by-case basis. Candidates may also be anti-endorsed. Only members decide who is endorsed or anti-endorsed.


Community Service: Defending marginalized communities from threats to their safety from islamophobia, xenophobia, racism, misogyny, and hate.

To join, email:  ortwincities@gmail.com

Member Mobilization: Coordinate internal engagement of our supporters.

To join email: dumontdoumbe@yahoo.fr

Transform the DFL: Engage our members to make the party more democratic and in line with progressive values. (Joint committee with MoveOn Twin Cities)  

To join the email: ourrevtc-transform@googlegroups.com

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/MoveOn-Twin-Cities-223872471012413/

IssuesBuilding our platform, recommend primary issue campaign(s).

To join sign up at https://www.mobilize.us/ourrevolutiontwincities/event/402344/

Events: Plan events and external outreach opportunities

To join email: julian@julianmcfaul.com

Endorsements: Decide on endorsements, recruit candidates, and coordinate the endorsement/screening process.

To join email: ourrevtc-endorsements@googlegroups.com

Fundraising: Pursue fundraisers and grants to resource our work.

To join email:  jessrmonette@gmail.com

Local Elections: Mobilizing progressives into the caucus process to advance issues and influence progressive candidate endorsements.

To join email: KevinChavis@gmail.com

Fighting Islamaphobia: Take on the oppression against our Muslim brothers and sisters.

To join email: ukasha.dakane@frayeo.org


Previous committees could be restarted. If you are interested in restarting a Committee or starting a new one, please email ortwincities@gmail.com

Engagement & Diversity: Intentionally engage underrepresented communities in the mission of Our Revolution

Student Organizing: Engage students in the mission of Our Revolution

Communication/Technology: Coordinating internal and external communications, and developing tech tools to advance our work.

Faith-Based Organizing: Engage faith communities in the mission of Our Revolution

Arts & Music: Bring arts and music to our events and actions!

Self Care: Help prevent burnout and improve the lives of activists and volunteers.


Our Revolution Twin Cities held elections for our 4th Board election at our June 29th, 2020 membership meeting, with those elected to two-year terms. Our elected Board is responsible for running member meetings, record keeping, coordinating committee activities, and conducting the day-to-day business of the organization. They are also the main contact point for the organization and can be reached at: NotMeUs@OurRevolutionTC.org

The following have been elected to the Our Revolution Twin Cities Board:

Janet Kitui – Chair, Outreach, Diversity, & Community Service Committee – Term ending May 2023

Ukasha Dakane – Vice-Chair, Fighting Islamaphobia Committee  – Term ending May 2022

Jessica Monette – Treasurer, Fundraising Committee – Term ending May 2023

Kara Thate – Deputy Treasurer, At-large – Term ending May 2022

Dumont Doumbe – Membership Mobilization Committee – Term ending May 2023

Nate Rastetter – Issues Committee – Term ending May 2022

Ingrid Ivy – At-Large – Term ending May 2023

Nick Espinosa – Local Elections Committee – Term ending May 2022

Henry Bribe – Endorsements Committee, Secretary – Term ending May 2022

Beth Blick – At-large – Term ending May 2022

Kevin Chavis – Minneapolis Local Elections Committee – Term ending May 2023

Lee Samelson – At-large – Term ending May 2023

Guiding identity of Our Revolution:

Grassroots Activism
We are driven by the work of our members in their communities. They
know what aid they need and what type of organizing will best benefit
their communities in the long run.

Progressive Values
Our Revolution stands apart from other political groups as we have a
guiding set of values that inform our work.

This is a movement for the people, by the people, and organized for the
people. In order to be a lasting movement, we must help local leaders
develop their skills, and organizing capacity, and build internally so that they
can carry this work out in their communities.

Revitalization of Democracy
By aiding in the election of progressives at every level of government, we
will be able to implement the values that we are fighting for.

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