Our Revolution Twin Cities Endorsements & Anti-Endorsements


If you’d like to be considered for a national Our Revolution endorsement, we have multiple links to get you there in case one isn’t working: https://t.co/2oKTRy4lI6 or http://bit.do/OurRevTC2023 or QR Code or contact tcOurRev@gmail.com: County/City/Local Government Office Endorsement Questionnaire or

MinneapolisSaint Paul
Elliott Payne for City Council Ward 1Co-endorse both Suz Woehrle and Anika Bowie for City Council Ward 1
Co-endorsement rank 1. Marcus Mills and 2. Conrad Zbikowski for City Council Ward 3Saura Jost – City Council Ward 3
Jeremiah Ellison for City Council Ward 5Mitra Jalali Nelson – City Council Ward 4
Katie Cashman for City Council Ward 7Hwa Jeong Kim – City Council Ward 5
Soren Stevenson for City Council Ward 8Nelsie Yang – City Council Ward 6
Jason Chavez for City Council Ward 9Co-endorse both Alexander Bourne and Cheniqua Johnson for City Council Ward 7
Aisha Chughtai for City Council Ward 10
Aurin Chowdhury for City Council Ward 12
Robin Wonsley for City Council Ward 2Chauntyll Allen – School Board
Suburbs: Minnetonka City Council, Dr. Kimberly Wilburn

Anti-Endorsements (do not vote for or support in any way):
Michael Rainville, Minneapolis City Council Ward 3
LaTrisha Vetaw, Minneapolis City Council Ward 4

Andrea Jenkins, Minneapolis City Council Ward 8


Endorsements for 2022 are closed. Because it’s a redistricting year, some of the districts have changed, but the endorsed candidates remain and we’ve updated the districts. If you’d like to be considered for a national Our Revolution endorsement, contact tcOurRev@gmail.com:

CD4 US House: Amane Badhasso

CD5 US House: Ilhan Omar

MN Attorney General: Keith Ellisonmobilize for Keith

SD62 MN Senate: Omar Fateh

SD55 MN Senate: Lindsey Portmobilize for Lindsey

SD40 MN Senate: John Marty

SD63 MN Senate: Zaynab Mohamed 

SD56 MN Senate: Erin Maye Quademobilize for Erin

SD48 MN Senate: Steve Cwodzinski 

SD37 MN Senate: Farhio Khalif

SD57 MN Senate: Jackie Craig

SD64 MN Senate: Erin Murphy

SD45 MN Senate: Ann Johnson Stewart

SD65 MN Senate: Sheigh Freeberg

SD62A MN House: Hodan Hassan

SD62A MN House: Aisha Gomez 

SD61B MN House: Jamie Long

SD63A MN House: Samantha Sencer-Mura

SD63B MN House: Emma Greenman

SD61A MN House: Frank Hornstein 

SD60B MN House: Mohamud Noor

SD66B MN House: Athena Hollins

SD65B MN House: Maria Isa Perez-Hedges

SD46A MN House: Larry Kraft

SD66A MN House: Leigh Finke

SD51B MN House: Dani Indovino Cawley (no longer running)

Local Twin Cities Elections
Hennepin County Attorney: Mary Moriartymobilize for Mary
Hennepin County District 4 Commissioner: Angela Conley
Brooklyn Park Mayor: Hollies Winstonfollow Hollies
Edina City Council At Large: Janet Kitui
Richfield City Council: Husniyah Dent Bradley
West St. Paul City Council Ward 3: Wendy Berry
Robbinsdale City Council Ward 3: Jonathan Healy
Robbinsdale City Council Ward 4: Aaron Wagner
Edina City Council At Large: Kate Agnew

Anti-Endorsements (do not vote for or support in any way):
Kathleen Fowke, SD45 MN Senate
Kim Crockett, MN Secretary of State

Tim Davis, MN State Auditor
Will Finn, MN State Auditor
Scott Jensen, MN Governor
Hugh McTavish, MN Governor


Donate to all our endorsed candidates at once. Money is split evenly between all. If you want to give more to particular candidates, click their site links below.

Sheila Nezhad for Minneapolis Mayor to rank as #1
and Kate Knuth to rank as #2.

Elliott Payne for Minneapolis City Council Ward 1

Cam Gordon for Minneapolis City Council Ward 2

Steve Fletcher for Minneapolis City Council Ward 3

Phillipe Cunningham for Minneapolis City Council Ward 4

Jeremiah Ellison for Minneapolis City Council Ward 5

Nick Kor for Minneapolis City Council Ward 7

Aisha Chughtai for Minneapolis City Council Ward 10

Jeremy Schroeder for Minneapolis City Council Ward 11

Andrew Johnson for Minneapolis City Council Ward 12

Mike Norton & Kati Medford for Minneapolis City Council Ward 13

Samantha Pree-Gonzalez for Minneapolis Board of Estimate and Taxation

Minneapolis Park Board

Londel French for Minneapolis Park Board At Large

Eric Moran for Minneapolis Park Board District 2

AK Hassan for Minneapolis Park Board District 3

Charles Rodgers for Minneapolis Park Board District 5

Risa Hustad for Minneapolis Park Board District 6

Other Twin Cities Elections

Uriah Ward for St. Paul School Board special election

Jim Leuthner for St. Louis Park City Council Ward 3

Ballot Endorsements

Yes on Question 2 to Replace the Minneapolis Police Department with Full Public Safety
Yes on Question 3 for Rent Control in Minneapolis
Yes for rent stabilization in St. Paul
No on Question 1 that Lessens the Mayor’s Transparency & Accountability

Anti-Endorsements (do not rank or support in any way):
Jacob Frey, Minneapolis Mayor
Lisa Goodman, Minneapolis City Council Ward 7

Mickey Moore, Minneapolis City Council Ward 9

Hollies Winston for Brooklyn Park Mayor – Election ended August 10.

Endorsements are ongoing. To be considered, complete our questionnaire or contact tcOurRev@gmail.com: https://bit.ly/ORTC2021endorse


Anti-Endorsement for U.S. President: Donald Trump



  • SD48:  Steve Cwodzinski
  • SD55 Sahra Odowa
  • SD56:  Lindsey Port
  • SD62: Omar Fateh
  • SD63:  Patricia Torres Ray
  • SD66:  John Marty
  • 60B:  Mohamud Noor
  • 61A:  Frank Hornstein
  • 61B:  Jamie Long 
  • 62A: Hodan Hassan
  • 62B:  Aisha Gomez 
  • 63A:  Jim Davnie 

Hennepin County Commissioner, District 1: De’Vonna Pittman


Edina City Council: Janet Kitui

Edina City Council: Ukasha Dakane

Maplewood City Council: Nikki Villavicencio-Tollison


Osseo School Board (ISD 279): Tamara Grady

Inactive/No Longer Running:

U.S. President:  Bernie Sanders

U.S. Senate: Paula Overby

SD33 Senate:  Adam Jennings 

Minneapolis City Council, Ward 6: AK Hassan

Brooklyn Park City Council East: Oduwa Aganmwonyi

Hennepin County District 1:  Yolanda Roth

Minneapolis School Board District 4:  Ken Shain

Maplewood City Council: Anand Balar

41B: Safia Ahmed

59B:  Raymond Dehn

60A:  Amal Ibrahim

63B:  Tyler A. Moroles

CD4 U.S. House:  David Sandbeck & Alberder Gillespie * Dual endorsement


Bloomington City Council :

Johnathan McClellan – District 1

Saint Paul City Council :

Anika Bowie – Ward 1

Rebecca Noecker – Ward 2

Mitra Jalali Nelson – Ward 4

Amy Brendmoen – Ward 5

Nelsie Yang – Ward 6

Mary Anne Quiroz – Ward 7

Saint Paul City School Board

Chauntyll Allen

Jessica Kopp

DFL Officer Candidates:

Tyler Moroles – State Treasurer


Hennepin County Commissoner:

Irene Fernando – District 2

Angela Conley – District 4

Janet Kitui – Edina City Council

Jesse Winkler – Osseo School District 279

Minnesota House:

Raymond Dehn – 59B

Anthony Hernandez – 60A

Mohamud Noor – 60B

Frank Hornstein – 61A

Jamie Long – 61B

Hodan Hassan – 62A

Aisha Gomez – 62B

Jim Davnie – 63A

Leilie Fatehi – 63B

Us Congress:

Ilhan Omar – 5th District


Mayor of Minneapolis:

 Rep. Raymond Dehn

Minneapolis City Council Candidates:

Click on each ward below to see a map of that ward.

If you don’t know your ward click HERE

WARD 1:     Jillia Pessenda            

WARD 2:     Cam Gordon (inc)

WARD 3:     Steve Fletcher                                 Ginger Jentzen 

WARD 4:   *Phillipe Cunningham       and       *Stephanie Gasca     

WARD 5:     Jeremiah Ellison

WARD 6:     Mohamud Noor     

WARD 7:     Janne Flisrand          

WARD 8:     Andrea Jenkins

WARD 9:     Alondra Cano (inc) 

 WARD 10:   Lisa Bender (inc)

WARD 11:   *Erica Mauter      and           *Jeremy Schroeder 

 WARD 12:   Andrew Johnson(inc)

Minneapolis Park Board Candidates:

Click on each district below to see a map of that district

AT LARGE (3 seats):

 Russ Henry                                    Londel French                         Devin Hogan

District 1: Chris Meyer

District 2: Kale Severson

District 3: AK Hassan

District 4: Jono Cowgill

District 6: Brad Bourn

Bloomington City Council Candidates:

To view Bloomington voting maps click HERE

At Large:  Michael Arulfo

Saint Louis Park City Council Candidates:

Ward 3 –    Jim Leuthner

Contact Our Revolution TC Endorsements: ortcendorse@gmail.com

Contact Our Revolution TC: ortwincities@gmail.com

*  = This was an atypical race with 2 exceptional candidates and the membership voted to approve both.  This occurred prior to certain organizational changes and related membership vote.  Only one candidate will be endorsed per seat in the future.

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